Wedding Concepts

Our Wedding Concepts

Go all white, choose a 30s theme or even disco style. Come up with your own wedding concept even. Whatever your theme, we will make sure to make it real – from venue, to chapel, to invitations.

White Concept

Timeless, elegant, minimal, the white theme is one of the most popular wedding concepts for classy weddings. White is a stylish color and can match beautifully with every type of lighting decor. Make sure to check out the White Gloss Dance Floor too.

Under the Stars Concept

Your wedding party could really be under the stars no matter how bright the location is. There is a special ceiling construction that can create a starry sky theme over your venue and really add that romantic note to your party.

Disco Ball Concept

If you love everything about the 80s, from the clothes to the music, you will definitely love the disco ball concept. You can just apply it to the dance floor of your venue or go all the way, with the waiters’ attire and hairdo!

Wed & Bapt Concept

For those of you who have already made your dreams of a family come true, a wedding and baptism concept is ideal. Get married and have the christening of your baby on the same day and celebrate your family with your loved ones!

Great Gatsby Concept

Sumptuous, luxurious, opulent… the Great Gatsby theme must have it all. Delicious food, rich decor, drinks flowing, people partying till dawn at a top notch venue. Go all in!

Studio 54 Concept

70s at its best, with some great music and 24 hours party people. If this is your scene, go for it. Expect glamour, glitter and glow!

Jazz Concept

For the elegant couple who enjoy the finer aspects in life. Wedding Party Designers recommend a string quartet and a sax show to go with this concept.

Have your guests celebrating your special day on a very special way. Contact us today and let us guide you through our several wedding concepts!

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