Lighting Furniture

Lighting Furniture For That Extra Sparkle

Add that extra sparkle to the brightest day of your life, with Lighting Furniture, the latest trend in awesome-party world!

The DJ booth, the bar, the tables and the stands at your wedding reception can emit some really stunning colors. You could adjust the colors of the light for some extra fun and creativity. Or just go all white, for a white-themed party.

It is actually a good idea to adapt the Lighting Furniture color(s) to your wedding theme. But you could also combing this option with our other lighting services, such as the dance floor choices, some great mood lighting ideas or even our Magic Mirror Photo Booth.

The Lighting Furniture option is ideal for the evening part of your Wedding. Create a lighted area around the dance floor with the DJ booth, the bar and the stands and really light up everyone’s mood for a fun party till dawn.

Bright up everyone’s Night and make your wedding party a wow experience for your guests and a fun time for you. Contact us today to guide you through the options that better suit your style!

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