Gobo & Mapping projection

Gobo & Mapping projection are two of the most exquisite visual effects for parties – guaranteed to wow your guests and make your wedding night really special!

Go Bold with Gobo

Make your wedding event unique, with a custom Gobo.

Gobo is a lighting element ideal for the couple that really wants to stand out. It is actually a steel or glass disc with a template of your choice. Inserted into a slot in a Gobo lighting fixture, it can control the shape of the emitted light cast over a surface, for example the dance floor or a wall. The customized pattern could be your initials, a heart, two wedding rings or anything you dream of.

Wedding Party Designers company has talented Gobo designers that can design one of a kind Gobos for your Wedding.

The Mapping Projection of your dreams

Personalize your wedding venue with a stunning mapping projection that… projects your love for each other! All you have to do is choose a theme that is special to you. It could be an image, your initials, some text or song lyrics etc. We will then turn it into a head-turning projection onto a wall. Now, if this doesn’t make your wedding party as special as you two, then what is?

Creativity, attention to detail and technical knowledge is our thing, so all you have to do is say “yes” and we will help you choose and then create the Gobo & Mapping projection of your dreams!

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