Dance Floor

Love is a Dance Floor

Make your first dance a dream come true and have everyone dancing the night away at your Wedding Party!
Let us guide you through all of these amazing options and give your wedding party the magic touch you’ve been looking for.
Just pick The One that suits you best and we will happily do the rest!

White Plexiglass Luxury Dance Floor

White is the color of the bride, the color of light and the color of luxury. If you are looking for a minimal and elegant flair to your wedding party, this is The One for you. It is also our recommendation for an All-White themed party.

Printing Dance Floor

Your own custom-made dance floor will make your night truly special. Print your initials or vows, an image you hold dear or your wedding theme, and design The One just for you!

Pool – Sea Dance Floor

Dance for the first time together as newly weds on top of a pool! It actually feels as if you are dancing on water. With a special construction, a surface is created on top of the pool of your venue. That vivid blue color is amazing, but the feeling is what makes it really mind-blowing. If you want to wow your guests, this is The One for you!

So, which is The One? Contact us to find out!

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